TWIN XL Size COCOON Soft Memory Foam Classic CHILL Mattress.

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TWIN XL Size COCOON Soft Memory Foam Classic CHILL Mattress.

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  • Twin XL dimensions: 79.5"L x 38"W x 10"H

Cocoon Classic Soft Mattress - Transform your bedroom today with Twin XL Size Cocoon Mattress, a Soft premium memory foam mattress that is comfortable, innovative layers that will enhance the way you rest. A soft stretch-knit cover with spun poly fibers is designed to be breathable to help keep you cool and durable to protect your mattress. The Perfect Fit Memory Foam layer gives you a higher quality and higher density foam that will cradle you as you sleep while the strong, resilient Comfort layer and Support layer provide the essential, supportive base that your body needs to relax. The Cocoon can be delivered right to your door in an easily movable box, so you can maneuver your mattress into the perfect position. Backed by a 10-year warranty, it's an upscale Sealy Mattress, recognized as one of the industry's top manufacturers of mattresses for 130 years. Cocoon will transform the way you sleep. 

  • Our Premium Stretch-Knit Fabric Cover with spun poly fibers is breathable and durable with a soft feel
  • Higher-quality, higher-density Perfect Fit Memory Foam will adapt to your body size, shape, and sleep position
  • Our Essential Support Foam, engineered with heavier, more robust materials, offers the support your body needs to relax
  • With the added Personalized Comfort Soft Foam layer, the mattress provides a cozier, "in-the-bed" feel
  • Cocoon ships in an easy-to-move box for hassle free delivery to your front door.